The purpose of this research is to provide to the material industrial quality and precision in order to consider the bamboo tube as a semi-finished product. The point is not to propose mass production of the material but to augment its technical properties with industrial tool to make people able to produce more durable products and objects with it. The material may then, due to its natural properties, as well as its availability can be considered as a substitute for material such as plastics or metals which require heavy processing mode. Considering bamboo in its tubular form as a semi-product, allows to rethink the whole design and production of an object by questioning the way an objects is made from the body to the inside layout of component. In this perspective objects are designed and produced in a controlled and sustainable life cycle.

The proposal of a machine dedicated to processing and preparation of bamboo tube allows to address it to different object type. This machine is conceived for different production methods, it presents itself as an industrial lathe topped by a CNC milling machine to grind the bamboo to create a perfectly round tube on max 1m (depend of the bamboo species).

Basically it is a 4 axes CNC milling machine with a roll entrance than cat take a lot of different bamboo diameter. The machine is then used to prepare the bamboo tubes to their transformation in object : cutting, engraving, assembly, create screws on the tube, finishing…

A phase of experimentation around the possibilities of the material was conducted to experience its plasticity as much as its technical ability to open the material application fields.

The objects then proposed are made to rise questions about the product we have around us and how we may perceive theme if they were made out of another material. So the objects are adressed to various application fields, and offer different design patterns, and uses. The internal layout of objects are redesigned, simplified allowing greater reparability and disassembly of the products.

Grand Prix Design Parade 10 at Villa Noailles Hyères
Pictures: Samy Rio