Made at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute in Caotun during a residency organized by Hand in Hand.
This lamp is a mix of different bamboo craft technics used by the Taiwanese craftsmans: the traditional bamboo weaving and the work of the bamboo tubes.
The lantern is made out of 4 pieces: 2 pieces of weaving and 2 pieces of bamboo tube. The 2 weaving parts are attached to the smallest tube and then this one goes inside the handle. The lamp can be hang or stand. The handle is a tube of bamboo cut and then bend to create the handle.
This cultural exchange allows me to confront, compare and share with the craftsman our different approach and vision of the material and its extraordinary properties, to show a versatile is this material and how relevant it can be as a technical or an aesthetic use.

Year: 2016
Material: Bamboo
Weaving work: KANG Chin-chuang
Bamboo tubes work: LIN Jian-cheng
limited edition