This object questions the assembly of electronic products : How it may be build with wood tube ? This range of Bluetooth speakers is thought to be assembly and removed easily. The technical parts are united to a rigid elastomer piece and joined to the body of the speaker as a cap. The controls icons are directly engraved on the bamboo and works with a capacitif interruptor placed inside the tube in order to simplifying the production of the object and avoiding adding unnecessary component. The body of the object is made of 2 pieces of bamboo glued together and then dipped into colored rubber. The dipping allows here to make with the same operation the final assembly and the finishing of the object.

Multiple speaker can be synchronized together to operate as a mobile sound system.

Year: 2015
personal research
Materials: bamboo, rubber
Grand Prix Design Parade 10 at Villa Noailles Hyères 
Pictures: Véronique Huyghe, Samy Rio, Mario Simon Lafleur