This mirror is part of the same collection of the Vases Composés produced with Cirva and Sevres cité de la céramique. Fully made of natural ash wood this mirror created for Galerie kreo, also contains the same junction types as the vases. Its assembly, at first sight primitive, of a mirror posted within a wooden trunk and bound by ropes, demands advanced manufacturing methods. A mask in reflection. Since, there are cultural traces to this totemic aesthetic. However, the result arises more from a demanding production and a mechanical assembly (also an homage to the cabinetmaker skills) than from a desire for an exotic figuration.

Year: 2016
Edited by Galerie kreo
Produced by Hubert Weinzierl workshop
Limited edition
Material: ash wood, or walnut, extra white mirror, mixed thin nylon ropes
Details: Galerie kreo
Credits: Grégoire Alexandre, Samy Rio, Thomas Lebecel, Deniz Guzel (Courtesy of Galerie kreo)