This collection of vases is the result of a year of residency conducted during 2015 and 2016 at the Cirva in Marseille and at Sevres cité de la céramique. The choice was to associate glass, ceramic, and thus materials with skills, to form through these 2 entities a communality of interests, intentions and work. On the level of the objects, this association is translated by a sophisticated research on aggregation between materials and forms. All the vases of the collection are articulated around the same shapes, volumes, and assemblies. Those assemblies are locked with cheap industrial elements as o-ring or nylon ropes in order to mark a tension between the precision of the craftsman work and the archetypal junctions that maintain each object: the regularity of an industrial object which is made by hand.  It is an homage towards the craftsmanship of two institutions in the form of a tribal brain-teaser, locked with two wooden keys.

Year: 2016
Co-edited by the Cirva and the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres
Materials: blown glass, new porcelain, ash wood, o-ring, thin nylon rope
Details: cirva
Limited edition of 8 pieces
Pictures: Lothaire Hucki, Samy Rio Rebecca Fanuele